About Us

Stemirna Therapeutics Co., ltd. is a high-tech biotechnology company found by a group of returning PhDs of MD Anderson Cancer Center based in Zhangjiang Free Trade Zone, Pudong, Shanghai.....

R&D Platform


mRNA drug platform

establish drug development foundation platform, create mRNA-based personalized cancer vaccines, mRNA vaccines for infectious disease, protein defects diseases and genetic diseases, participate in domestic and international market competition, promote the development of mRNA drugs.

mRNA GMP production center

establish the first mRNA GMP production center to produce mRNA drugs and related preparations, strictly follow GMP requirements to produce high quality products for scientific research and clinical services.

Tumor neoantigen library

establish the first personalized tumor neoantigen library, provide accurate target for the new generation of mRNA personalized cancer vaccines.

mRNA drug clinical cooperation platform

supported by strong medical and clinical background, establish and improve the project evaluation, clinical studies, clinical trials, data analysis and clinical transformation team, continuously promoting the transformation of mRNA drug development and clinical treatment, promote the development of clinical application and industry of mRNA drugs.


  • 专注RNA类药物技术研发


  • 专业高效的转化平台


  • RNA类药物合成及生产基地


  • 丰富的专家资源